Eliminates long cure times.
Easily recognized color indicates the fitting is ready for leak-proof installation and service.
Allows for control of the sealant application
eliminating field installation problems.
Adds value to fittings and increases product quality recognition.

Improves Quality
Reduces leaks and improves reliability.
Inhibits thread corrosion on fittings both in storage
and in use.
Resists vibrational loosening.
Prevents system contamination.

Reduces Cost
Reduces rejection rate caused by leaks.
Eliminates “touch ups” and re-coating due to its tough, resilient coating properties.
Eliminates the need to re-apply. Parts can be
re-inserted up to 8 times without re-coating.

Reduces application costs when used in conjunction
with the ECS III™ application machine.

Seal it Right When You're Ready to Go

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