EverSeal Pre-Applied Liquid Thread Sealants

Everseal pre-applied sealant is UL listed for use in a variety of systems, including methane, butane, propane, natural gas and water. Although not a true thread locker, it exhibits torque characteristics similar to one...and unlike other liquid thread sealants, Everseal does not have to be baked to adhere. Finally, parts coated with Everseal can be reinserted up to 8 times without recoating—a valuable benefit manufacturers can pass along to customers.

The EverSeal Coating System III
The Everseal Coating System (ECS III) sets the standard in automated pre-applied sealant application. Not only does the ECS III save time and money in the manufacturing process, it virtually eliminates part rejection resulting from misapplied sealant. It's precise metering system ensures proper application part after part. And when used with Everseal Sealant, you can be sure that your parts are ready for leak-proof installation.


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